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Hi guys,

I have watching your forum for a month now and i've decided to post here for recommendations about my first bike. I did a lot of research in the field of road biking but i need to know some basic stuff that i didn't find or mentioned here.

Firstly, my budget is around 500. I have found the following models :
Avanti model giro 1.0 - almost new £400
FUJI sportif 1.5 compact 2013 - almost new £300
Trek 1.2 2013 Road - almost new £550
Mekk Pinerolo AL 1.5 - £600 - New

I also found on ebay the following bikes: ... 43bcda4824 ... 1423.l2649

While i was searching i found some second hand carbon bikes 2-3 years old that match my budget, around 500-600.E.g A Boardman Road Team Carbon 2009 will cost around £600 in a good condition.

So my questions are:

Should i buy a brand new road bike ?
Which of the almost new bikes will have quality, comfort and save me money ?
From the bike/prices listed what you recommend?
Is it better to get a second hand carbon bike instead of Alu/carbon one?

Also i am 180cm in height. Many people say to get a 54-56 frame size. I've been riding a bianchi bike of a friend of mine and i found 58 frame size to suit me just fine!!

Thank you in advance guys!!!


  • You'll get far more for your money buying secondhand.

    Try the classifieds forum on here for a start before you delve into the murky world of eBay.

    For your first bike I wouldn't concern yourself overly with carbon. Very hard to tell if buying second hand whether a carbon frame has integral damage.

    I'd go for 56 cm rather than 54 or 58. Concentrate on to tube measurement rather than just seat tube.
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    The Team Carbon for that price is unbeatable value providing its in a good state obviously.
    I bought a 2nd hand Team Carbon (SRAM Rival era) as it was the best bang for buck in that price range, infact about 2 years ago i also bought another Team Carbon, cycled for a bit then sold it when my interest waned....started cycling again last Autumn and there is nothing to beat it for £600 IMO.
    Cheers, Stu
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    If you are fairly adept mechanically and can do your own basic adjustments and minor repairs, then buying a good quality used bike can be a bargain - and provide extra money for various accessories.

    As for bike size, at your height of 180cm, a 'traditional' (meaning horizontal top tube) size of 58 cm should be about correct. It is important that you can adjust the height of the seat, and height of bars, so that you are in a comfortable position.
    If you are comfortable on the bike you now ride, measure from the center of the crank to the top of the seat. Measure from the nose of the seat to the center of the bars near the stem. Also measure the vertical height between the bars and the seat.

    Use those measurement when you are inspecting new or used bikes.
    The seat height is very important for getting the best use of your legs, and the other measurement determine the position of your torso. If you are too upright, wind resistence is a problem. If you are too low and/or 'stretched out', then arm / shoulder / neck pain can be a problem, and so can breathing.

    Jay Kosta
    Endwell NY USA
  • Thank you guys! I ended up buying a specialized allez 2012 model in an excellent condition for a good price! and thanks Pippi took your advice about 56 frame and is perfect!