Anyone start cycling to get fit for another sport and ......

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Anyone else start cycling to keep/ get fit for another sport and end up getting hooked and cycling to get better at cycling?..

If not, just me!


  • Keith47
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    Yup, started cycling after getting bored out of my mind using exercise bike at the gym trying to cut up for a bodybuilding contest and realised how enjoyable riding was!
    Been riding ever since, still love it, don't do much weight training now so it's my only way of staying in shape :D
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  • TheCoo'sTail
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    Yip. Started cycling again to improve fitness for hillwalking/climbing. Now ditched both almost entirely for the bike!
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  • steve6690
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    Sort of. I have to do a bleep test every year for work. I get knee and ankle problems if I do any decent amount of running so this year I'm trying cycling to get fit.
  • elderone
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    YEP started riding for fitness and healthe benefits after 35 years of fags and got hooked.
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  • Totem
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    Mostly just to get fit, was getting bored of jogging (I won’t call what I do running). Got a road bike on the way as the mtb is a bit heavy; can go further and faster on the bike so its more enjoyable.
  • Schoie81
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    Yep!! Two years ago an overweight, very unfit Schoie81 signed up to do a 10km run for charity. Whilst training for that, someone told me i should mix my running with some other form of exercise, so I bought a bike. Didn't use it that much to start with, but when I did the 10km run, I quite badly damaged my ankle and my foot. On the road to recovering from that I could get back on the bike quite a bit before I was up to running on my foot and so got some miles in and now I consider myself to be a cyclist who does a bit of running! I haven't been out for a run since March!!
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  • WindyG
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    Got back into cycling(MTB's) to get fit and lose a cople of stone and I am local to Thetford forest so seemed stupid to not go and cycling around there, wife suggested racing so I started that and got a road bike to get fitter for the racing, I didn't think I would enjoy the road side at all but I'm getting into and will start to commute to work as well now on the bike.
  • socistep
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    kind of...before cycling I was 95% football and the odd walk and very rare run (which I've never massively enjoyed), I changed jobs a year ago today and lost 2 lunchtime 5 a side games but moved to a company very well geared up for cycling and closer then previous job so initially thought I'd cycle a couple of times a week to replace the football but within a few days that ended up being 5 days a week in all weathers, moved from hybrid to road bike in Jan and its stepped up a lot, surprised by how hooked i've become, didn't expect it at all!
  • fishyweb
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    Think I fit into this category. I do a fair bit of running but am injury prone, so got a bike to stay fit while unable to run (non-impact, right?). Carried on cycling at least once a week even when not injured, and am now cycling more than running! I love both, so it's not a foregone conclusion that running will continue to take a back seat, though.
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  • wod1
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    I cycled to work, initally on a mountain bike plus some weekend rides when not in the yacht racing season. Moved house a bit further from work so bought a road bike and now very into cycling, cycling moved on to Triathlons and this years Yacht racing hasnt happend yet as all free time (not much with a 2 year old to look after) has been running/swimming and cycling.