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i have a sram red cassette ive just swapped it on to my bontrager race wheels and cant remember whether it originally had one of those rings behind the cassette on the freehub.

there is a bit of a gap on the freehub behind the cassette is it necessary to have one of those rings on behind it?

its just a normal shimano/sram freehub on bontrager race wheels?

is it going to make a difference?



  • smidsy
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    Fit it without. If it does not move/have any play it is fine.

    If it does have play/slack then fit the spacer.
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  • perfect answer cheers.

    so its non essential unless slack :)
  • smidsy
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    Yes. It depends on the freehub design and cassette speed.

    A shimano 8/9/10 speed freehub normally only needs the spacer for a 10 speed cassette.

    A Mavic freehub normally needs a Mavic spacer and a normal spacer for a 10 speed cassette.

    There are also cassettes with built in spacer (e.g Tiagra).

    So fit it and see what's what.
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