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Canyon CF SLX ride comfort

shinsplintshinsplint Posts: 565
edited June 2013 in Road buying advice
A question for any SLX riders, preferably with experience of other frames...

Is it a harsh ride, or does it handle road vibrations ok?

What else have you ridden, and how does it / do they compare?

Thanks for any help.


  • MccariaMccaria Posts: 869
    Colnago c59, Specialized SWorks SL2,3 &4, Pinarello Dogma, Parlee z5, Cervelo RS and R5 VWD.

    The SLX is comfortable, done 9-10 hour rides on it with no problems. Similar in comfort to the Parlee actually, both have light forks on a light frame.
  • shinsplintshinsplint Posts: 565
    Sounds good to me :) cheers
  • look565wonglook565wong Posts: 301
    Hi ShinSplint,

    I imagine you're talking about the CF SLX 2013 version?

    If so, then I'm happy to share my experience of the said frame.

    My previous/existing bikes have been as follows:
    1. Trek 1400 Aluminium (Retired)
    2. Look 565 Full Carbon Lugged frame (Sold)
    3. Van Nicholas Chinook Titanium (Still riding)
    4. Canyon Ultimate CF SLX (Latest bike)

    My opinions on these bikes for comfort in terms of coping with poor road conditions would be that the Van Nicholas would just nip the Canyon & Look to be the most comfy, not by much though. The Trek is as expected a bit harsh but stiff which is probably why.
    The Canyon is however very stiff on the BB area & front end, the best out of the lot, but still very comfortable at the same time. I rode a 120 miles club-run last Sunday & 105 miles the sunday before that with no issue what so ever.

    I've had the Canyon for more than 6 weeks now, and have put about 400 miles on it since early May. (of which 300 miles were ridden with a fractured scaphoid un-knowingly :shock: ) So, I would say that the frame was designed with comfort as one of its priority. The latest issue of "Procycling" magazine have a review on the very bike by Marcel Wust, it may help your research if you can get a hold of it.

    Overall, I'm extremely happy with this bike (I love it!) The only problem is now I've got my fractured scaphoid diagnosed, I can't ride it for another 4 weeks as I've got a cast on my arm! Boo :(

    I hope that helps & I'm sure other CF SLX owners on this forum can chip in with their experience as well.

  • shinsplintshinsplint Posts: 565
    Thanks for that, very helpful. :)
  • shinsplintshinsplint Posts: 565
    Also interested in any views on the Canyon VCLS Post 2.0 seatpost.

    A noticeable improvement over the standard seatpost?

    Thanks again.
  • BarteosBarteos Posts: 657
    Frame "comfort" is overrated. How much flex can it have comparing to pneumatic tyres?
    Unless you cycle on a velodrome or completely smooth tarmac get a pair of Ultremos 28mm, run them at 30-40PSI less than you normally run your 23mm tyres at and even a frame made of gas pipes will be more comfortable than a typical carbon frame. You'll be faster, too.
  • mikeneticmikenetic Posts: 486
    Good luck getting a 28mm tyre in the back of an SLX, 25mm is tight enough.

    I agree with your principle though - I've been riding 25s over the last couple of years, no slower but way comfier than 23s for me, personally.
  • thegreatdividethegreatdivide Posts: 5,790
    You might want to read zardoz' post in the delivery thread - looks like Canyon are locking the door on orders until the 2014 models come out...
  • shinsplintshinsplint Posts: 565
    ok thats settles it then, i'll wait a while and see what happens.

    25mm tyres are definately the way for me I think.
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