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Chrome moly.

Who is moly? :shock:


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    It's Chromium and Molybdenum.

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    I have no idea what's going on here.
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    One step-up from gas-pipe too
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    Rated in kg/m, like steel beams.

    Even the beard and sandals brigade don't touch it.
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    Perfectly respectable depending on the form of it eg Reynolds 501 is made of it - double butted too. A step down from 531 but certainly not the abomination the above are implying. You can get some lovely 501 frames and you'd probably struggle to tell the difference.
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    Bar Shaker wrote:
    Rated in kg/m, like steel beams.

    or indeed like any other steel product...
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    Thread highjack but is "Dedacciai SAT 14.5 triple-butted steel" considered good?!
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    It's not just the material, but what they do to it to turn it into a bike frame. Someone mentioned Reynolds 501 - but the vast majority of 501 frames are only the three main frame tubes - the rest still being cheapo hi-tensile which is heavy and dead-feeling. If the tubes are butted and heat-treated, then you're benefitting from thinner' lighter tubes make from stronger materials which should give a livelier ride. I've ridden steel-frame bikes that can either be dead and 'heavy' or light and responsive - a lot depends on the weight of the rider too. At 60kg, I find old, skinny Columbus SL frames give a nice ride whereas a 90kg rider would find them too whippy.
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