Overshoes and jacket

Triban Man
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You set off on a ride on a clear day.
What do you do with overshoes and your jacket?
Do you wear them?
Do you get a saddle bag big enough to hold them?
Do you somehow stuff them in your back pockets?
Do you keep your fingers crossed, hope it doesn't rain and just grin and bear it if it does?


  • Check the weather forecast for the day where you set off from and the furthest point you're heading to. If you're riding into rain, then wear them as you'll be greeted by it soon enough. If its clear, then no need to weigh yourself down and be bulked up. Tend to only wear overshoes if its less than 10 degrees or if its raining. Today it was 15 degrees dry, but put on some lycra overshoes to keep that little bit of warmth in. With regards to the jacket, most rain jackets can be rolled into a very small size so it could be put in one of your three back pockets, but same again, check weather forecast!:D
  • Scotty-Gee
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    Overshoes is a before ride decision. Commit or don't.

    I have a castelli Gillet and its one of the best things I've bought. It's so light I take it with me on questionable looking rides. Keeps me warm. Keeps the wind off. It wasn't cheap but its one of the best purchases I've made.
  • Scotty-Gee is right about the overshoes. On the jacket, I take a decision before I ride. When I get it wrong it's the fault of the last judge I appeared before except when I punctured in a storm on the top of the South Downs when it was undoubtedly the fault of the Court of Appeal, their brothers in the Supreme Court not to mention the so and so's in the CJEU...
  • cougie
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    Overshoes are only when it's cold. I don't bother with them in the summer - sure they'd keep your feet dry from rain but you'd sweat too much anyway with them on.

    Jackets - plenty of pocket size jackets around if it gets chilly. About a tenner from Aldi even.
  • As above, ditch the overshoes I say. Gilet and armwarmers in your jersey pocket if needed.
  • hairy_boy
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    Gilet and Arm Warmers for me (with my £10 Aldi High vis rain jacket in my back pocket if theres a risk of rain in the forecast).

    If its going to be wet enough for overshoes in the summer I generally wouldn't go out !

    Having said that I am doing the Wetherby -> Filey ride this Saturday (the Great Yorkshire Bike Ride) and the forecast says we will get wet around lunchtime, and its going to be fairly breezy so will probably wear my sealskinz waterproof socks to keep my feet relatively dry and at least warm if the downpour comes.