Potholes - The good and the bad

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I would just like to say that one of my favourite roads out near Burnham Beeches has had all the potholes filled in for about 4 miles, Bucks CC have done a really good job on it too not just sloshing some tarmac into a few holes. It was a joy to ride down it today.

On the other hand Berks CC spent all day filling in a hole near to where I live. Its a road I ride everytime I go out on the bike and it was in such poor condition that..........I had never even noticed it! I wonder how they prioritise becuse there are some holes the size of the sea of Tranquility elsewhere.


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    I think there are published methods for giving roads a grading. It's probably based on density of holes, depth of holes etc.
    My local council gives roads a grade but also takes into account how much they are used. They said they wouldn't be resurfacing the road to my house because even though they'd classed it as 'poor' it wasn't used heavily enough to be warrant any repairs. Despite that they came up a week later and 'sloshed some tarmac around' :roll:
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    Being cynical I might suggest it is based on how many complaints they get...
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    Or if the leader of the Council / head of Highways committee lives near by / regularly drives the road :wink:
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    Having ridden into Rome about a week ago, I have got a new-found respect for the state of our roads. The choice there is:

    1) Ride in the gutter
    2) Ride in the right place and be eaten by a never-ending line of bike-eating potholes amidst crumbling surface
    3) Ride out in the line of suicidal Italian drivers who confuse wing-mirror units with metres for a safe passing distance

    It looks like the money that should have been going into the roads has been going elsewhere. It's going to take decades to sort out, I reckon, as many of the roads are seriously disintegrating - not just the surface, but deep down - and for mile upon mile.
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    Pross wrote:
    Or if the leader of the Council / head of Highways committee lives near by / regularly drives the road :wink:

    that's my view