Bikedynamics cycle fit

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Just wonder if anyone here has used Mike Veal at for a cycle fit? If so, would you care to comment on whether you thought it was any good and if you've been comfortable in the long term?



  • johnny25
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    Funny you should ask. I've just booked a fit for the end of July, as he appears almost booked up until then.

    I know this does not answer your question, but I'll update as and when.
  • Bobbinogs
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    I went to Mike a couple of years ago and thought he was excellent. He can do all the tech stuff but also rides himself so has a good working knowledge about the things that make a difference. His website (with lots of freely available info) is also very good and shows that he is prepared to research to test some of the common theories/old wive's tales rather than just accept/stagnate.

    I know bike fits are not cheap but I do find it strange when some folks will happily drop £4k on a bike and then moan about paying an expert for a couple of hours of their time.