Ambrosio Shimano/Campag

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Anyone have history of the cassette from Ambrosio that fits the Campag freehub but allows Shimano compatibilty. I'm interested to know if they work ok or just so-so?



  • napoleond
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    Ambrosio make good stuff. I'm sure they'll be fine. Shifting probably won't be as smooth as shimano a own due to the profiling I would expect.
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  • daviesee
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    I ordered a set of handbuilt Ambrosios on Royce hubs for Campag.

    When I went to pick them up there was a Shimano spindle on the hub. There was no problem with changing out the spindle as such but the spokes had to be re-dished.
    Probably not the answer you wanted to hear.
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  • super_davo
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    I use this cassette, as I have a Campag bike and I had a set of Shimano fit Planet X model Bs I wanted to use with it. Shifting is fine - probably not as good as the original Campag cassette but its not so bad you'd really notice.
    It is single sprockets with spacers all the way through, with no machined blocks containing multiple rings at all. That's not good with the model Bs as they have a soft free hub that's been marked by them. However, on the flip side, you can take it apart fully and clean it really easily.
    Been using it for 6 months on the commuter, so probably clocked up 3000 miles on it. Still going strong.