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It seems like the A Picture is Worth 1000 Words topic has died a bit so I´m posting a new thread with some pictures. Here´s some of mine from the Basque Country in May, post some of yours and some words too, if you´d like.
Playing with panoramas in PS. This is part of a big ridgeline point to point.
High Up in the Basque Mountains
Coastal Ridges Too
Thanks to the horses for this track, I just wish they´d go off to the side to go to the toilet!
This is probably my most over photographed spot. It´s pretty though and we normally pause the descent to look at the view so I´m already stopped and it´s easy to grab a photo.
And because it´s not always sunny here! (In fact we have had the wettest May in living memory across much of northern Europe).

Hope you enjoy! Post up any photos you´d like from May.
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