Giant Revell 1

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Recently purchased my first mountain bike and i'm a complete amateur when it comes to the components of the bikes and the whole mountain biking scene. After a lot of research i ended up picking this 'giant revel 1', it's the first high quality bike i've owned and you can really feel the extra pennies in the general and overall feel of the bike.
I'm interested in modding the bike over the next upcoming months and was wondering where'd be a good base to start?
Here's a few shots of my bike :)




  • Brown sauce
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    Looks like a nice bike. Probably need some tyres with more tread when the winter comes.
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    I've been looking at some 'Maxxis' high roller tires, taking the bike to centre parcs at the weekend and i'll see if i can find some nice off road bits to give the bike a good thrash, it's certainly a good base to start from, very pleased overall with the bike.