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Newbie 29er buying advice.

BigJamboBigJambo Posts: 3
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First of all Hi, hopefully my visit won't be short lived !!

I've been watching from afar for a little while and taking it all in and now I have some questions of my own if thats ok ?
First of all basic info of my height - 6'4 - 5"

So basically I'm on the lookout for a bike. Went to the local bike shop and was recommended a Specialized Hardrock 29er. ... 9#features

Tried it in a 21" and was advised that it looked a good fit and it did feel good.

Now I know different manufacturers have different size guides but do I stick with a 21" when looking for a bike from now on ?
And do I look for a new or second hand bike ? What is advisable ?

Lastly any recommendations for about £400 ?

Thanks a bunch in advance :D


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    No idea how much that is but I guarantee it's not worth it. Horrible fork.
    Manufacturers use different ways to measure, and even within manufacturers sizes can differ between models, so ideally you need to sit on one. But it's a guide.
    Look at the sticky at the top of Buying Advice. Forget wheel size and get the best spec for your money.
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  • BigJamboBigJambo Posts: 3
    Retails at 500 roughly.

    Ok thanks mate I'll have a read.
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