Gear Ratio Help for the Alps!!!!

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I'm off to the Apls for the tour and two weeks of riding. I did this last year with no problem but I have since bought a Felt AR5 which has a 36-52 chainring and a 11-25 cassette.


I'm running 105 throughout but I need a massive cassette to compensate for the 36 inner ring instead of the 34 that I had last year. I've heard that a longer derailleur hanger would do the trick or do I have to get that and a longer caged derailleur? I want to get a 12-32 cassette so I can have spinning days.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Liam


  • canamdad
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    Would this work
  • FatTed
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    Buy 50/34 chainrings and fit them to your 52/36 crank.
  • rubertoe
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    FatTed wrote:
    Buy 50/34 chainrings and fit them to your 52/36 crank.


    Or a massive Cassette and long cage rear derailuer, new chain etc etc.

    Probably better of getting a compact chainset.
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    Buy a compact chainset 34/50 and a 11-28 cassette that will get you up. Race you to the top
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    i'd get a compact c/set and 28 at the back will be ok, i had a 30 which was amazing, pretty sure I could cycle at less than walking pace with 34-30 gear
  • Tom Butcher
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    The difference between a 36 and a 34 is pretty small, about 2 gear inches with a 28 sprocket. Yes a traditional compact might be a shade better for the Alps but not worth spending money for that kind of difference.

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