Replacement Speedplay Bow ties

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Does anybody know if it is possible to buy replacement bow ties for Speedplay Zero pedals?
It's really annoying when a part is removable but you can't find spares for it.
All I have found so far is complete replacement bodies at Wiggle, but they are so expensive I may as well buy complete new pedals.
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  • Wheelspinner
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    Seems odd that you would have worn out the bow tie bits if the body is ok, but yes you can get them separately:


    That what you want?
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  • vanleapo
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    I'm not 100% sure it is the bow tie but something is clicking on one of the pedals.
    The pedals are 6 years old and have done many 1000's of miles, I have kept them well greased and they rotate smoothly by hand. The cleats are nearly new so that's not the problem.
    The only part of the pedal that I can see worn, is the metal part on the face of the pedal that the cleat locks in to, I thought that was part of the bow tie but it might not be.

    I'm away from home at present but when I get back I will try them with a different pair of shoes which have new cleats, just to make sure that's not the problem.

    The link you sent is for X series pedals not Zeros, so I suspect they are different.
    However, even if they were for Zeros the price is way over the top. I may as well just buy a new set of pedals for £120 which includes a new set of cleats.

    Cheers, Phil
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    not sure there's a difference between x and zero ones, but i never tried it

    there are non-speedplay bowties available, but as speedplay may sue people who create compatible parts, or get them removed from ebay, these can take some ingenuity to find with searches

    these might be an option for you... ... ts_id=1725
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    Have you checked to see if the screws of the bowties are tight? Also the bearings may be worn or the pedal axle nut may be loose. The bowties can show plenty of wear and still be fully functional so may or may not be the culprit.