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Hi guys,

new guy here, been riding mountain bikes for a few years now, been commuting on one since last december but last week i took the plunge and got a carrera zelos. I know, i know halfords blah blah blah ,but for what i use it for its alright.

My commute is only 5 miles each way but yesterday i did 15 miles with an average speed of 16mph in 53 mins @ 13.5 stone and i felt i could have done more. My aim next weekend is for 25 miles, i have already added a carbon bottle cage and a nice san marco saddle, shimano clipless pedals, so the spending has started already hahaha.



  • elderone
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    Welcome to the roadie side.Nice looking bike and thats a tidy average you did there.And yes the spending will only get worse,it,s very addictive.
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    Bike looks good and 16mph is a good average speed. Good idea on getting the saddle and pedals early on, as you'll soon be spending all your money on other cycling related things :mrgreen:
  • Cheers for the comments guys, loving the bike and cycling everyday is awesome. I was a bit nervous cycling in the rain but took my time. But today as I was riding out of my road got to a junction , applied the brakes forgot to clip out and went side ways :oops: as I fell I was still clipped in and couldn't clip out :lol: a lady driver did pull over and ask if I was ok but I felt very foolish. Think I was still half asleep, well that's my excuse.