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I'm looking to buy some new wheels but only have £150 to spend. The choice is between two Planet X options. I'm 82kg and do a lot of riding on my own although I'm looking to join a club in the next couple of weeks and did my first sportive on Saturday with another one to come in July. The choice is between a 32 spoke wheel and a 20 spoke one. I've been told that at might weight I'd be better off with the 32 but the Planet X description of it being a cyclo-cross and commuting wheel has put me off slightly;

http://www.planet-x-bikes.co.uk/i/q/WPP ... o_wheelset

As a result I'm considering a lower number of spokes

http://www.planet-x-bikes.co.uk/i/q/WPP ... 0_wheelset

Which one do people think I should be going for?

I apologise for having asked this question before but I've only just got the money together to buy them and so want to get it right.



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    82kg isn't that big lardy boy. My vote for wheels in that price bracket would be Mavic Aksiums: decent weight, roll well and very durable on many different road surfaces. Shop around and you should be able to get a good price.

    Then again, whether they will offer an 'upgrade' depends on what you are riding on now...and even bog standard stock wheels would be suitable for a club/sportive ride.
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    Depends how tall he is!!!!
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    Before you buy have a read of Thoma Kneen's post on this thread

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/5976848 ... ion=stream
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    More spokes usually equals a stronger wheel but might be a touch heavier. Don't be put off by the cx tag it just means they will take a bit more abuse, potholes.
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    The 32 spoke wheels will be more comfortable and durable. I've been running the PX AL30's since Xmas on my work/winter bike and there good wheels for the money, but very stiff and has been various threads on here about people popping spokes, although mine have been fine (I'm only 70kg though).
    The combination of cheap stiff alu frame and cheap stiff wheels (even with 25c tyres) leads to a truly bone shattering ride TBH.
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    check out Andrew whymans website, he has a range of second hand rims.
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    I have a pair of mavic aksium 2012 that I have literally just cleaned up, photo'd and got ready to put on the classifieds here. They have covered 200 miles absolute max. Shimano hub. Front QRS but not rear.

    Best price I can find online is £151. £220 with tubes and tyres. I'll stand corrected by the classified bombers who are no doubt waiting to prove otherwise.

    Yours for £120 + postage. Let me know if interested.


    Sorry. Just rims (plus front QRS). No tubes or tyres. I'll send photos if interested. Or they'll be in classifieds tomorrow. Also a spankers pair of ksyrium equipes 2012.....but outside of your budget.
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    Your weight isn't outstandingly high, "normal" wheels should be fine. Also avoid "aero" wheels, they don't give you much for the extra money, probably nothing. "Aero" kicks in beyond 25 mph.

    Recently, I have switched from Mavic CXP23 rims with ultegra hubs - 1960 g, to Mavic Ksyrium Equipe - 1707 g. The difference is noticeable when accelerating, but I also get slowed down faster. There is no magic to light-weight, it only adds a little to the power of the cyclist. There is, of course, a psychological boost, when you know, that you have improved your bike.

    How about this, good value for the price (even though slightly aero) - Fulcrum Racing 7:
    http://www.merlincycles.com/bike-shop/w ... -2013.html

    This is an excellent set too, a bit more heavy perhaps, but easy maintenance and long life - Shimano 105 hubs with Mavic Open Pro rims:
    http://www.merlincycles.com/bike-shop/w ... o-rim.html

    You might find those wheels elsewhere, and even cheaper, I only wanted to show examples.

    And there is another option, once you have joined a club: Ask the other members. they might even know, where you can get used, but better wheels; for the same or a lower price.
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    I would go for Miche Reflex wheels. Less than £150, and spares (spokes, freehubs e.t.c) are alot cheaper than Mavic spares so they are worth putting right. Also they not liekly to go wrong either. Replacement spokes are available before anyone says they are not. I have a set out back for stock and if I can get them any time other shops/outlets can if they can be bothered.

    I wonder what spokes Merlin are using to get those OP wheels in at that price, black double butted spokes does not say much. I also hope have built them properly as they are not charging alot for black build. Good qulaity black spokes are expensive normally. Still they maybe a good buy, I know I could not build them for that but then again I use spoke that I suspect cost more to buy for one.

    For £150 forget handbuilts.
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