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Building up my commute/winter bike, I run rival on my main bike whilst I love, previously had 105 5600 but never really liked the good shape, and prefer the sram shifting and hoods.

My question is, is apex worth the £390 price rage over tiagra £290, and what about the new sora at £220?

All opions appreciated!


  • Only tried tiagra and apex, so can't help you with Sora. 10 speed tiagra is nice, and will serve you well on a winter bike. Apex feels a cut above though- solid and shifts very well. I've used it for for around 3000km on my winter bike, and it's been fine through some pretty grim conditions. I have Force on another bike, and am always impressed with how similar Apex feels when going back and forth.
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    Apex has always felt very close in slickness to 105, to me. Is it worth £390? I think so.
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    i'm in the process of putting the new sora on a bike and i'm really impressed, its easily as good as 5600 105! the only downside i can see is that its only 9 speed, not 10. - a site for sore eyes
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    I no i would definitely prefer Apex over the rest, but its whether i want to spend £390 on a groupeset only for it to be wrecked by the commute and winter use!
    Think i will try and get a ride on a sora equipped bike, see how it feels
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    To echo earlier posts the new Tiagra really is top class. I'm running it on my winter bike. I also run Rival, Force and Red on my other steeds.

    For a commuter /winter / sportive bike I'd go for Tiagra anytime.