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Casco Warp vs SH+ Eulos

incog24incog24 Posts: 549
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Has anyone had a chance to compare these two helmets in the flesh? The Casco always looks great, but the SH+ is substantially cheaper at the moment.

SH+ ... ct&id=1408

Casco Warp Carbon ... -2011.html

I'm looking for a set of 3 and the SH+ in red does match the kit quite well...£75 difference is quite a bit though, although if the casco is going to last twice as long and be vastly more aero then I guess it's not a big deal.

Oh and I'm in the market for £1000 of rollers and helmets (either of these two) in a month or so so if someone who owns a shop fancies giving me a 'bulk' discount that'd be grand. There's no VAT on helmets after all :wink:
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