Finishing touches.

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This is my sons school project almost complete, however needing advice with: hoods for Record levers, thinking about Dia Comp gum hoods as they are only £8 (not £50) cloth bar wrap, black? colour and brand of brake housing (non logo) and tubs have to be gum wall, Vittoria Rally?
Any help would be appreciated.


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    That looks amazing.

    White tape and hoods, white saddle and white cable outers with tan-walled tyres (as you said) would suit it.

    Did I mention it looks amazing?

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    I have no idea what's going on here.
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    I didn't read the question but the answer is yes. That looks awesome.
  • That is beautiful, white finishing details would look good, gumwall not sure think plain black better! Love the details on the chrome joints they are awesome.