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mtb buddy Chester/Wrexham area? Llandegla, Delamere etc!

olly.harrisolly.harris Posts: 4
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Hey all

Recently returned from several years living in Australia, back living in Chester. Emigrating means you lose all your contacts and social networks!!

Of course, one of the first things to do was get back in the saddle. Managed to score an Orange 5 and have just started exploring Llandegla and Delamere. Been off the bike for 6 years so finding my feet again and keen to know if anyone fancies joining me? Occasional weekend riding really, mornings or afternoons. Also keen to look at exploring into North Wales once the fitness and skills are back.....

Not usually a black run kind of guy, happy on reds and blues & enjoying the ride.

Cheers all!


  • thistle_thistle_ Posts: 4,635
    The black route at Llandegla is a doddle if you take it slow and don't mind pushing up the hills ;) Virtually all the technical stuff is rollable and if you don't fancy it you'll get good at jumping off and running over it.

    The Clwyds are also on your doorstep and slightly closer to you than Llandegla. A bit more cross country than trail centre but still big hills (up and down).
  • Cheers Thistle. Used to ride a lot before moving to Aus, now I'm back it's just a case of getting back into my stride... :lol:

    Hopefully back on the blacks soon. Thanks for the advice on the Clwyds, I'll investigate.

    Now just need a guy or two to get out there with!
  • Say hello to other Chester riders on here
  • Hey John, will do thanks a lot.
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