How are you following the Tour next year?

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I plan on following the tour next year and am having a hard time figuring out the best places to watch it and where to stay on the nights. I want to see the start in leeds and am not too bothered about going to Harrogate. I would prefer to ride from leeds to Sheffield to watch the finish.

I then plan on then travelling to either cambridge or london but not sure where yet. I also dont know whether to book into hotels or camp. I'd love to hear what everyone else has planned or plans to do. Is it even worth it going to the start or finish or stay somewhere in the middle where there isnt a crowd? Be grateful for some input from someone with experience of watching the tour. Cheers.


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    If you haven't any experience of watching a pro race then why not practice this year on the ToB and get a great experience into the bargain? I regularly do marshalling so, whilst I haven't done the tour, I kinda know what to expect. I really enjoy the hill sections (which are the ones I normally marshall) but last year my wife and I went to Barnstable for a stage start as a treat and that was fantastic.

    There are pros and cons of start/finishes and en route (you get the real action en route but if you cop a flat section ride by then you won't get to see much but the wait should be minimal and the sense of speed will be great, hills are a better way to see the riders at a more slower pace whilst they are fighting it out but a lot of climbs get packed and can become isolated very quickly so getting there early for a long wait is part of the price to pay whereas the start can be quite static in terms of racing but you do get to see the sign on and riders at close quarters, etc.).

    So, work out what kind of things works for you on ToB and then lap up Le Tour.

    FWIW, I'm going to stay in York for a couple of nights with my family. It's my wife's birthday the day before and then the depart of the tour on the Sunday so we'll watch them set off and try and catch an en route glimpse too. :)