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I am looking for some new road wheels, I have some mavic aksiums on my cadd9 which I plan to move to my
training bike so would like something a bit nicer for my cadd9.
I am about 12stone 7lbs old money, I ride sportives and do crit racing on a fairly tight local track.
Its not that I am that good that I need new wheels to win, but I would like something that will help a little.

http://www.bikeradar.com/road/gear/arti ... des-34661/
I like the look of the vision wheels in this review, would they be a good upgrade from the aksiums ?

http://superstar.tibolts.co.uk/product_ ... cts_id=520
I also like the look of these superstar wheels which a very light for the money, but will they
flex like crazy under my weight ?
Thanks for any advice and any thoughts on any alternative bargains .


  • Enve
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    Enve ?
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    weaty wrote:
    Enve ?

    Apply for your bank loan beforehand!
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    For those who can't afford Lightweight :P
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    Ah I see, very nice,a bit more than I was looking to spend though. I am only looking to spend maybe
    up to £350 :( I dont think even the enve wheels would make me quick enough to win in the local
    crit races !