Map my ride on andriod phone

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Does anyone have the app 'map my ride' on there android phone and can view the split miles?
I have a Samsung galaxy ace phone and I have installed the map my ride+ app and I have never been able to view the split mile times. All it says on the split tab is to view your split miles/times go to ''.
Now then, a friend of mine has the map my ride app on his Iphone and he can view the splits, he logged in on my phone and he can't view the splits, so this would say that my phone doesn't support the splits data?
Does anybody else have this problem.




  • Bantam
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    Hi Paul,
    I use map my ride on a Nexus 4 ( Android ) and are unable to view the splits, get the same go to ''. so I guess it must an Android OS issue rather than a phone specific issue.
  • Pauldunk
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    Hmm, Shame that as it is a good app. Can't believe that more people have not said about the split issue with android. well, strava it is then.
  • Pauld100
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    You can view the splits by logging on from a pc/laptop. It seems to reduce the functions from mobile devices
  • The_JML
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    I can view them on my iphone 5 but have to wait for them to load (10 seconds ish). Also do you have to activate split timing in the settings and have you done that?
  • Pauldunk
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    I know about viewing the splits on-line.
    Don't know about activating the splits in the settings?, where is that done?