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Hi all,

Just signed up this morning so this is my first post. Would just like to say that any info or advice given will be highly appreciated.


I'm 26 years old male. Decided to get myself a bike to take up cycling in March The plan is too get fitter and also cycle to work. wasn't to sure how i would take to it so never wanted to splash out a huge amount on a bike so bought a Merida race lite900 from my local bike shop. The 1st month i hardly used it to be honest due to weather etc but the last 6 weeks i have been using it 6 days p/w. I've not been traveling far only 14miles per day, (7miles e/w). I realise this isn't far at all but throw in a 12 hour shift of hard physical labour and i'm pretty shattered when i get home. I'm really starting to get into it and i'm now looking to go longer distances. On the cycle home from work its all up hill (722ft over the 7 miles) and i have managed to get my time to between 24-26 minutes.

I'm carrying a fair amount of weight (15st + 5"10) so think i need to try and lose some before i notice any great deal of improvement.

The last week i have been getting pains in my joints at my elbows, have no idea what this could mean, could it be the way i sit on the bike or maybe the setup?

Any help, advice, tips welcome

Thanks for reading



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    it may be set up, but equally it could be that you are leaning on the bars and so putting stress on your arms, this could be due to technique or lack of core strength

    holding the bars too tight can also cause problems

    tbh that height gain over 7 miles is what we call flat :-) but presumably it's got some steep bits rather than a steady gradient, use a low enough gear so that you're not having to pull on the bars, keeping a cadence of 70+ will also reduce stress on your knees

    if you find that you are leaning on the bars, make a conscious effort to keep a relaxed grip and avoid leaning, gradually it'll become habit

    keep on climbing, eventually it hurts less and you go faster
    my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny