Oakley radar, radarlock, path, edge??

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What's the difference between these?
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  • trooperk
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    standard,quick release lens change,small lens,woman. :lol:
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    I like the idea of easy lens change. Mine are all chipped where the lens has caught the edge of the paint/lacquer when swapping lenses :(
  • p1tse
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    I'm not sure which I tried then
    They were radarlock of some sort

    I also see some radarlock with a solid one piece lens and another with vents type cut out, are there names to differentiate these lenses?
    Wanted: Cube Streamer/Agree GTC Compact / Pro/ Race : 53cm
  • cougie
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    the one with the vents is called vented. Its all on their website.
  • ck101
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    I have the Radarlock Pitch, has a larger lens, path is more sculpted for those with higher cheekbones.

    Don't mind those that say these are over priced, if you have the cash they are a worthwhile purchase. They never fog up, replacement lens's are available and the case is top class.