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Question answered.. Mods can close this if they want


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    Why wouldn't you leave the question and answer here for others to find and benefit from? I spend 90% of my time on this forum searching and reading through old threads.
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    Stuff the answer. What was the question?
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    question was answered in another part of the forum. look for the same name in the road buying advise section.

    but if you wanna know:
    I am about to buy a new frame, but i am confused about the sizing as on the shop site it says one size and on Scotts site it says another?

    The frame is a Scott CR1 Pro 2012 ... 12-p194664

    scotts site: ... bDzlPm1GC4

    i am looking at the one with 560 horizontal toptube length and 176 head tube... but is that the large or the XL
    westbrook's says XL and the scott site says L

    answer was follow what it says on the Scott website.
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    it's better to only post once

    if you do multiple posts, whether by accident or design, then as long as the post has no responses you can delete it yourself

    once someone replies only a mod can do it
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    it's better to only post once


    Also, please post in the relevant section!
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