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Hi I couldn't find a hybrid section, hope this the right forum... :)
I'm about to get a hybrid bike and I noticed that the weight is commonly NOT mentioned online nor in the shops labels...It seems that the approximate weight of a bike is hard to get... is it really?
The weight is my main concern. Another reason apart from the obvious ones, is that I need to get my bike in my flat on the second floor with no lift.
So I was wondering if someone may advice me about which relatively cheap hybrid I could look into that are not heavier than 24lbs.
I saw the boardman comp at £450 in Halfords as an offer. But what about other brands? Such as Specialized, Scott, Giant, or more?
Thanks in advance


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    Btw, I absolutely don't mind if it's light that's right...
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    Cant do better than Boardman at that price, in my opinion.

    If there is a Decathlon near you then worth a look at theirs - they also have some cracking bikes for the money.

    If you want cheaper, the Carrera Gryphon is really light for the money - it surprised me.
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    Try browsing the Edinburgh bike co-op website. They weigh bikes with pedals and bells, and therefore give a realistic weight compared to manufacturers websites.