sram red gear setup?

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Went out for a 40 miler the other day and it felt heavy and sluggish. The gears were not smooth in changing either front or rear. However the previous ride on saturday they were super. I havnt touched anything so what could it be? Cable stretch? I did clean the bike in between so maybe I didnt lube the chain enough?

ANy ideas as it was bloody noisy and ruined my enjoyment of the ride!


  • sungod
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    new bike or cables?

    it'll take a few rides for the outers and ferrules to fully seat, this causes a slight loss of cable tension, it's normal to have to tweak shifting for a while

    running noise and rear shifting with sram red is quite sensitive to the b screw setting, much more so than shimano, you could check it's correct (you can download instructions from sram's website)
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  • Had a look, reset the cable seem to have got it set right now but will ride tomorrow and find out.

    The only thing I found odd was that the cabletensioner on the mech doesnt have a limit. I.e I can turn it infinitely. Which was odd.
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    you can turn it until it unscrews and fall off....

    Sounds like the cables needed a clean/tighten
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  • Took out today, only for a 9 mile blast as had stuff on. Ran better than ever.