Which wheels to use?

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Hi all,

I have finally joined the 2-bike brigade. Nothing fancy, I'm afraid. Just a Giant Defy 2 that has relegated my Carrera TdF to a winter/training bike.

A friend gave me a pair of Mavic CXP22s that I run on the TdF with Conti Gatorskin Ultra tyres (23s). The Defy has a pair of Giant S-R2 wheels with Bontrager All Weather Plus tyres (25s).

So the question is, which wheel and tyre combination would be considered 'best' so I can ensure the Defy is running the better gear.

Thanks in advance.


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    well the mavics should be lighter but your best bet would be to try them both on the giant and see wich ones you prefer.
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    No way of anyone really telling which wheels are better as a good wheel is a combination of all factors (rim, hub, spokes and built). Mavic CXP22 is just the rim so we don't know what the hubs/spokes are or whether the wheels have been handbuilt and how well. Then, we would have to work out the best wheel for the intended use, etc.

    That said though, I would guess that both wheels will be in the same bracket, as in cheap end wheels that do a job (probably the same bracket as WHR501). Hence, weigh both and then, as suggested, ride the same bike with different wheelsets but the same tyres and see what you think. The lightest wheel is definitely not always the best wheel so which one you should use for best will be a combo of the scales and feel. You may find it impossible to tell the different wheels apart though as the next price bracket is probably up in RS80 territory.

    Tyres, again much of a muchness methinks. I would try and wear one pair out and then get something decent like GP4000s, or if you are impatient and want to treat yourself for the nice weather then buy the new tyres now and save the old ones for spare (they will always come in handy, even if just for the winter).