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TA Nerius Rings for Campag ?

Tom ButcherTom Butcher Posts: 3,830
edited June 2013 in Road buying advice
Thinking of replacing the rings on my best bike, it's square taper Record with 50/36 compact so 110bcd with one bolt slightly offset just to make things difficult !

Replacement Record rings seem hard to come by and not cheap - TA Nerius are a possible alternative which would save some cash, welcome as it's a fairly old bike now and I don't want to chuck shedloads of money at it - but as it's my race bike I want to make sure the shifing wont be affected.

Anyone got any experience that might reassure me or make me steer clear ?


it's a hard life if you don't weaken.


  • WooliferkinsWooliferkins Posts: 2,060
    I use and sell TA rings, apart from making sure you have the correct ring they're fine. Compact Campag trad 5 arm? You don't have a bolt that screws into the crank, then the Nerius are fine. If one screw goes into the crank arm you need Solano
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  • Tom ButcherTom Butcher Posts: 3,830
    Yes i need the ones that screw into the crank - thanks for the heads up I must have got them mixed up with the nerius.

    it's a hard life if you don't weaken.
  • protoproto Posts: 1,483
    I thought it was only the aluminium cranks that had one offset bolt, and that carbon versions had all 5 bolts on the same PCD. Anyone confirm?
  • Tom ButcherTom Butcher Posts: 3,830
    You may be right - it screws into the crank and the hole is different but it may not be offset - just shows the value of asking before buying !

    it's a hard life if you don't weaken.
  • 2oldnslow2oldnslow Posts: 313
    I had an "old style" Campag Record compact(Carbon) chainset on my now sold Cervelo and that definitely had the offset 5th chain-ring bolt and the TA Nerius was my choice of replacement.

    Just did a quick "google" and seems Parkers have them at £35.50 in 34T 36T and 39T.
  • fortyonefortyone Posts: 166
    Have a Campag Chorus Compact Ultra Torque carbon 10 speed chainset with the offset bolt, and the replacement rings are the Nerius. Nerius can be bought in either 10 or 11 speed.
  • fortyonefortyone Posts: 166
    Should have added that I also have a Campag Centaur compact chainset with square taper, which has none offset bolt and has a TA Zephyr on it.
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