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Hello all!

Hope you are all well. I been looking recently for some sunglasses to wear when im riding my bike but as i wear prescription glasses im finding it difficult to find a place, both online and on the high street, where i can get hold of some prescription sugnlasses that are not too expensive. at the moment i only have clear glass presciption glasses but in this lovely weather im hoping to get hold of some shades.

im wondering if people ride with non-prescription sunglasses? im short sighted and i have tried riding with non-prescription glasses but it just feels hazy and can't react to moving out of the way in time to any small holes that might give a jolt when riding over it. i have googled prescription sunglasses but im sure i may have missed a website or two. where do you get your prescription sunglasses from?

have a nice day!


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    15 years running and biking never had a problem with contacts.
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    I buy normal cycling glasses whick take inserts, and have the inserts glazed, total cost for a pair has always been less than 50quid and that way I get replaceable lens with colours appropriate to different conditions. The insert I get glazed with one of the internet stores e.g. glasses2you.
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    You can buy prescription sunglasses, even cycling specific ones, from most opticians. However, as the poster above says – contact lenses are the way to go. I’ve used disposable contacts for the best part of 20 years now. You can have your choice of sunglasses then, changes the lenses as often as you like, take them off when you’re climbing (and sweating a lot), and you don’t have to worry about losing, scratching or breaking them. The daily disposable lenses I use at the moment cost £1.20 a pair.
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    i've recently been in the same position as you.

    i found cycling prescription glasses very difficult to find in stores, and very expensive when you do find them, and i read alot of reviews where people had found them to provide poor, blurry vision.

    i can't wear contacts as my eyes are often very dry, making it diffcult/painful to remove them so in the end i opted for some regular prescription sunglasses. i've gone for aviator style glasses as the lense covers the eye completely; looks a bit unusual compared with other cyclists, but they work really well.

    if you buy one get one free, you can have them use different filter colours on each pair so you can choose the right type for the weather conditions.

    hope that helps.
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    I got some prescription sunglasses from Specsavers when I got my last normal glasses done, 2 for the price of 1. The frames are ok, not cycling-specific, and get uncomfortable after a couple of hours, but it was the best compromise I could arrive at. I can now see properly, and the sunglasses make me happier too - they make the world seem a brighter place somehow! The other advantage is they keep flies/grit/other crap out of your eyes.

    I've only got one eye, and tried to convert to a single (!) contact lens after my accident, but found it completely impossible to put it in my eye. If I'd been a contact lens user before the accident, I may have been able to do it.
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    Tanks for your replies guys. Triban...I'm like that. I did try contact lenses but it got really uncomfortable and difficult to remove and because my eyes are rugby ball shaped it would have meant that more expensive kind of contact lenses. I might pop in to specsavers and see if I can get some shades even if they not cycling specific. But I got some cheap sunglasses at the moment, non prescription, and might try riding with that in the morning and see how it goes.
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    I got a pair from optilabs 3 interchangeable lenses with prescription insert for £99.00
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    Pair of chinese oaklys from ebay for £6 and get the insert glazed online (£14 and up from Ciliary Blue).

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