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Casette and Spacer advice

TimInnoTimInno Posts: 46
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I've been eyeing up the Campagnolo Zonda wheel set for a while. Wiggle are selling them for about £280 at the moment in a sale.

I have a Felt F6 2012 model, which is running SRAM Apex. The Campi seem to be compatible with SRAM, but my cassette is 10, and I don't think they come with a spacer.

Can anyone tell me for certain the Zonda's are compatible and where I can purchase the appropriate spacer? I've seen the following spacer on wiggle, but not sure if it would work? Also does anyone know where you can purchase replacements spokes and whether they are easily accessible? Any advice would be very much appreciated! ... et-spacer/


  • rudivoller22rudivoller22 Posts: 492
    I have just bought a set of Zondas from wiggle shimano fit and they came with the required spacer for 10spd cassettes.
    Hope that helps
  • TimInnoTimInno Posts: 46
    ace! Thanks very much :)
  • rudivoller22rudivoller22 Posts: 492
    Just checked an spacer supplied is definitely 10spd sram compatible so good to go.
  • TimInnoTimInno Posts: 46
    now to pick some new tyres!
  • sungodsungod Posts: 16,088
    on a standard shimano-compatible 8/9/10-speed hub no spacer is needed with a sram 10-speed cassette, but non-tiagra shimano cassettes need a 1mm spacer (supplied with cassette), this is the spacer on the wiggle link

    11-speed shimano compatible hubs are wider than 8/9/10-speed, a 1.85mm spacer is needed, it should come with the wheel


    the spacer you link to on wiggle is the first type, it is not for use with a sram cassette

    if your campag wheels are shimano 8/9/10-speed, you do not need a spacer with a sram 10-speed cassette

    if your campag wheels are shimano 11-speed, you need the campag-supplied 1.85mm spacer
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  • TimInnoTimInno Posts: 46
    Thank you sungod!
  • hueyfasthueyfast Posts: 65
    I have just picked the zondas up from wiggle with shimano fitment too.
    There is a 10% off discount code doing the rounds at the moment which
    made the total purchase price £259.
    Used the supplied 1.85mm spacer for a 105 10 speed cassette and all was well.
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