Bike feels different wearing orange lenses

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Yeah this is gonna sound a bit weird but when using Orange lenses in my shades the bike feels different, feels like i'm sitting more on top of it and higher up than when not wearing shades, am I just a weirdo?

Or is it to do with the extra light that those orange and yellow lenses seem to bring in, changing depth perception?


  • MrSweary
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    Not at all - everyone knows you go faster in orange. The red tinted lenses really make you fly though...
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  • Jon_R
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    Could the curvature of the lenses mean that what you seem higher up on the bike? I had a pair of sunglasses that made me feel lower down when I rode my mountain bike and so I enjoyed it more when I wore them. :D
  • clickrumble
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    It could be lens distortion if you've got curved lenses, I've got some glasses that made me feel about 10ft high on the bike. I changed them recently for a different (more expensive pair) and the distortion is less.
  • Anonymous
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    The orange are not for sunny conditions so maybe its that if you are wearing them in bright sunlight.
  • Stewpot407
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    I've noticed the same when swapping between shaded, yellow and clear lenses. I just put it down to using cheapo dhb Pro's. What are you using?


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  • eddiefiola
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    Yeah Stew its the dhb Pro with the 3 lenses.
  • kleinstroker
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    Orange lenses are higher contrast so it will feel different as you're seeing things different from normal.
  • CiB
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    It's the lens curvature probably. I feel like I'm another foot higher in the air on the bike with my shades on.
  • Hollow-legs
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    Wow! Uncanny !I brought a pair if endura triple lens glasses in march,,,I get the same thing ,,like i am higher in the air with them on happens with the clear lens and amber tinted ones ,cannot remember if i get with the dark lens...weird 8)
    I tired to lower my saddle to compensate for the difference .... :D:D
  • goonz
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    they make you look more pro init!
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  • bad_moose
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    It's probably because of differences in the shape and colour across the lenses. I bought a new pair of sunglasses for sailing last year, and they totally mucked up my foot placement on the boat, I had to slow right down when running around and doing manoeuvres. I had a look at them for a while and realised that the bottom of the lense is ever so slightly darker and thicker than the rest, which is presumably the reason for my difficulties. Just keep wearing them, you'll get used to them pretty quickly.
  • cougie
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    I've not noticed any difference using my Oakley lenses.

    I did a rare evening ride last night and as the sun was in an unusual position I found it hard to recognise the roads I was on - even though I've ridden them dozens of times in morning light ? Funny the way the mind confuses you.