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Aero disc wheel cover for PowerTap

OhPinchyOhPinchy Posts: 25
edited June 2013 in Road buying advice
I'm looking to get an aero disc wheel cover for my IRD Cadence Aero 30mm wheels which have a PowerTap Pro built in. I have found a suitable solution on ( but the postage from the US is excessive.

Does anyone know of any aero disc covers available in Europe that fit a PowerTap and can be tailored (or trimmed by me) to fit my IRD 30mm wheel, and how have you found them if you have experience with them?


  • MettanMettan Posts: 2,103
    You can get them from Bike Science: ... -1109.html

    Think its UK/Bristol.
  • CrozzaCrozza Posts: 991
    I had a wheelbuilder cover for my old PX 101 rear wheel, but just sold it with the wheels

    having a go at racing with my powertap this year so bought a new cover from my PT wheel from raltech -

    I've got the "premium" cover with stealth black stickers (could be easily peeled off if you wanted). it took 3-4 weeks but Rick was great to deal with, it fits a treat and is quite a bit lighter then the plastic WB ones. plus made in UK if that matters to you
  • OhPinchyOhPinchy Posts: 25
    Thanks a lot, both look like good options but the Raltech ones look like they may be worth the extra so I've dropped them an email to check availability, thanks.
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