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Campag shifter maintenance

Godders1Godders1 Posts: 750
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The RH gear shifting lever snapped today on my 2009 Centaur brifter.

I think I've sourced a spare from Sigma sports but am a bit nervous about taking it to bits. Has anyone done this? How tricky is it?


  • cyclist0_7cyclist0_7 Posts: 33
    It isn't too difficult, I've done a few and there are not many parts in the assembly, just remember the order they came off, to make it easier to put back together. Look up the "yellow jersey" site on the web, they give an exploded assembly drawing and advice which may be helpful. It may be a bit out of date by now as, if I remember rightly, it features the earlier model of shifter, but that's a detail.
    .The only slightly tricky part is winding the tension spring back and locating the tab in the slot, but I found swearing at it loudly helped. Also, I think, there are various videos on "You Tube" showing how things are done.
    I believe it is fairly expensive to have it serviced by a mechanic( Mercian offers a repair service), so you have little to lose.
    This lever breakage is a real weak point in the Campag design, they shear across the insert face and there seems to be a steady trickle of broken shifters being sold on e-Bay as testament. I've used nothing but Campag since being a boy but I am not too impressed with the more recent offerings.
    If you hit problems, call out, I 'll give what assistance I can.
  • mididoctorsmididoctors Posts: 8,630
    video yourself taking it apart

    and check youtube for how toos
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