Bont A-Three vs A-two ventilation

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so I'm looking at the A-3s and the only thing I'm concerned about is the seeming lack of ventilation. The A2s look like they might be cooler due to more and larger (?) vents on the front?

Has anyone tried both shoes and seen them in person and could comment? Basically I don't want to overheat too much, but then again how silly does that sound since Monsiuer WIggins wore Zeros at TdF....


  • smoggysteve
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    Think about this logically. Bigger vents let in more air and cool yes. But, how hot do you think your feet will get cycling at around 30kph average? On the flip side, on colder days, how much chill factor are your feet getting? Unless you wear over-boots you are going to get cold feet and numb toes. As far as Wiggo - How much is that down to sponsorship then personal preference?
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    True dat, just (don't wanna say it tbh in case of jinx) but with this pretty good weather we are getting and going on hilly rides I get don't want to get overly hot feet. I have BG Pro 2010 or 2011 atm and don't think I've ever really come across overheating my feet - don't really know what it might feel like either or how bad it actually is if I did get it.

    As for cold weather I wear overshoes after a certain point anyway. Whatever the reasons for Wiggo wearing Bont, fact still remains that he wore them for 3 weeks in France mid July and his feet did not fall off. It's also the mentions in reviews saying they are not too well vented that have me thinking - though at least the one on is talking about France in summer.
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    Take a look at the new Bont Riots.

    They seem to have more ventilation than previous models.