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Not sure if someone can help.

I run a small business (several employees) and I don't actually need a new bike. But, I would like some nice shiny new deep-rim wheels.

Is there anything I'm allowed to do to buy these via the cycle-to-work scheme, or am I on dodgy ground?

Obviously want everything to be above board and happy to buy them outright myself, but suddenly thought I might be able to save something if I buy them via C2W. I thought that parts and components are allowed?

What's the protocol here? I know very little about C2W other than as an employee from a long time ago, and I imagine things have changed since then.


  • Wirral_paul
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    Are you an employee of a Ltd company, or self employed??

    If the former then you should be able to set up a scheme yourself, but its not available for the self employed. I bought my Moda Stretto on the cycle to work scheme and arranged all the correct paperwork easily enough.
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    To be totally above board the C2W is only available for a bicycle and safety accessories.

    If you can convince HMRC that bling wheels that accelerate faster and hold speed better are a safety item them you are onto a winner.
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    On our scheme this year (bae systems through halfords) we can buy accesories only.
  • smidsy
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    Safety Accessories.
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    Take it as a sign that HMRC endorses the N+1 rule.