Days out?

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Was just thinking, would be great to hop on the train for a few hours to get out in the countryside. Birmingham based, so any recommendations of places to go?

Currently usual riding is solihull to redditch, or stratford occasionally around warwick. Would be great to get some proper rides in, big hills lots of nice countryside views.

Any suggestions or routes?


  • Wooliferkins
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    Forest of Dean cant be too hard to get to by train from yours. Some nice riding on quiet lanes and some hills to enjoy
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  • deadhead1971
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    Some lovely long, but not too steep hills in Shropshire. Probably not that far away for you?

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  • keef66
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    As a 12 yr old schoolboy I went on a cycling tour of the Wye Valley. Think we caught the train as far as Kidderminster. Unbroken rural loveliness thereafter. Cycling back into Brum to catch the return train from New Street a week later was a bit interesting :shock: And that was 40 something years ago
  • smidsy
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    Peak District innit!
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  • ednino
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    Wye Valley ftw
  • lm_trek
    lm_trek Posts: 1,470
    Was thinking long mead way, did the stratford route today, need to build fitness!

    Kidder is a good call, i actually live on that train route!
  • elderone
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    Another vote for shrops,have a look around church stretton with the long mynd and styper stones..big enough climbs for most folks.
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