2 questions (buckled wheel and creaking crank?)

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Hi all

I have 2 questions for you all. 1 is it common to get buckled wheels? I had my first free bike service last week after only owning it a month to be told i had a slight buckle but they fixed it. They being a giant technician. Just went for a quick 10mile detour to my gf's house to come across a rubbing noise from the front wheel every now and then. After a closer look it seems to be buckled and touching one of the brake pads every now and then. Would giant be able to take this one out free of charge 2 as my bike is only 6 weeks old? Could i possibly have a faulty wheel like its weaker than normal?

2nd is a creaking noise coming from the crank area i believe. seems hard to pin point. Anyone know what that could be? Im going to give them a call 2moz but thought id ask on here anyway.

Thanks for your time.


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    These things are pretty normal for the average new bike.
    Your wheel isn't 'buckled' it's just got out of true which is quite normal for cheap factory built wheels. They can quickly trued or you may just get away with re-centering the brake caliper accordingly so it doesn't rub.

    The creak is most likely to be the bottom bracket, after some weeks of riding a new bottom bracket on any bike often starts to creak after a while, the BB just requires slackening off and re-tightening. This is less likely to happen if a bit of grease is applied to the BB threads when being fitted which bike shops often don't do.

    Doubt the bike shop will do this for free as you've had your free 'first service' although these are easy things to fix if you're willing to learn and you have the right tools.

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    You can buy a spoke wrench online for a few pounds and it is easier enough to fix the wheel. I just used this as a guide http://www.livestrong.com/article/94846 ... cle-wheel/. Took me about 10 minutes.
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    It sounds like you may have a dodgy spoke causing your rim to kick out. The crank noise can be anything from cranks needing to be tightened (they often do after a few weeks from new), to a cassette needing to be tighter or even a squeaky seat. Noise issues can be hard to trace and they are never where you think they are.

    Personally I'd get the shop to fix the wheel as the bike is so new.