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Identify the Bianchi?

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Evening guys and gals.

I'm looking at buying a road bike to use now and again as a change to my usual mtb. I've been offered a Bianchi bike which seems nice. He wants £350 for it and says it's in mint condition. From what I can see it's a C2C model which seems to go for around either £550 to £800 new. That seems a large price difference? Can anyone identify it from the picture below and let me know if it's a fair price or not?



  • nochekmatenochekmate Posts: 3,460
    It's a Via Nirone and the fact that it is in the desired Celeste colourscheme with Fulcrum Racing 7 wheels would make it a good buy at £350 assuming the wheels had not been abused and that the Shimano groupset was in good condition (Is it Shimano 5600? - cannot quite make it out from photo).

    It's a few years old now but if it's been well looked after, it would fetch more than the asking price on eBay.
  • Thanks for the above reply. Not sure what groupset is on it until he brings it over on Saturday. I'll check that though and see if the wheels are like pringles or not. What year would you say it is?
  • nochekmatenochekmate Posts: 3,460
    You can google Bianchi Nirone followed by year to see if you come across the same model but at a guess possibly about 2008. Earlier models often had carbon seatstays I think.
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