Recovery time?

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Hi just been upping the miles past 3 weeks for the dragon ride (only been riding properly since November)
Currently doing a 50+ miler followed by a 30+ one the next day, yesterday legs felt like lead around 15 miles in, got round 31 but really laboured to be honest.
Now the weather has turned nice I'm itching to get out at every oppurtunity :D but don't want to over do it as the ride is this Sunday (medio fondo distance)
It's probably a little bit of a bad bike fit (off the shelf defy1) tiredness (I work 7 days a week) and just simply over doing it (for me) but outside of both knees ache.....shins hurt.... Not really bad but noticeable when squatting down.
Any advice appreciated!

My head is telling me have a couple of days off the bike until Wednesday


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    Have a couple of days off ....

    or if you really really really must get outside then don't come out of first gear (and no big hills!)

    Actually just re-read your post - you're doing a big ride on Sunday ... you've done all the training you can - so rest. The only bit you could possibly do is to have a short & gentle ride around at a highish cadence - so no pressure on the legs.
    You've got till Saturday to fill the tanks and any big riding you do now will take energy from that reserve - so don't.
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    Definitely take it easy this week, especially if you're feeling the effects of your last ride.

    Two years ago I was 2.5stone overweight, unfit and did hardly any physical activity (didn't own a bike back then). Then I signed up to do a 10km run. Got myself ready for it 4months and the week before the run I was keen as mustard and did a couple of 8-9km runs on my lunch hour at work. Right at the end of the second one I pulled something in my ankle. Three days of rest before the run and it seemed ok so went ahead with the run. 2km in it went again and I had to more or less limp the final 8km. I couldn't walk for a week and it was 4months before I could run again.

    I learnt the hard way that you shouldn't excercise if you're not fully recovered and that doing too much is worse than resting. Cycling isn't as hard on your legs and joints as running, but if I were you I really wouldn't take any chances. Don't be thinking next Monday morning that you wished you'd taken it easy - as Slowbike says, you aren't gonna gain anything from training with less than a week to go.
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    I think slowbike has a big point here.
    I only did a couple of small rides last week and then the weekend I did my biggest ever and it was a breeze, I felt very strong even on hills ive struggled on in the past, I put it down to a new chain set but im sure having a break has helped a lot.
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    Thanks guys... I was thinking pretty much the same, trouble is I'm too easily lead lol, and keep getting called names when I say I don't feel up to a ride then get talked into going! .... My last 2 weeks training have included at least 80+ miles over the weekends plus smaller 30 milers in the week.. Half century runs now are ok so although the dragon is a slightly different beast I hope I've done enough!
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    You don't build muscle while you're actually riding. Riding (and in fact any physical activity) damages the muscles, which then triggers them to rebuild themselves stronger. Rinse and repeat, it's called training.

    All good training plans include rest days of no or very little activity, which gives the muscles more time to build up before you break them down again.
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    So I'm not a big girls blouse then :wink: