Mixed Commute

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So in 4 miles across London this morning I had:
    A mini squeeze past me and then brake hard to getthrough the traffic calming (narrowing posts) on Sidmouth Street. he gain zero as then he had to join the back of the queue at the traffic lights as I sailed to the front to the ASL box that was filled with a Range Rover. I was then almost totalled by a right turning taxi as I crossed the Yorkshire Grey junction. he only stopped as I yelled at him. I can accept he didn't see me - cars were stationary and waiting at the lights but he should have been expecting cycles to cross - but to not even apologise was a tad rude. I then saw a chap on a vintage looking bike with north road bars wearing tweed plus fours and a tweed cap cum helmet type thing. Got to admire his style, however quirky.
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    You starting a blog? This is about as interesting as most.
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