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Dawes Clubman Audax - Updated

philclubmanphilclubman Posts: 229
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My Dawes Clubman

Oct 14: New saddle, seatpost and stem.

The stem is still work in progress, but the Planet X saddle is great and the new seatpost looks much nicer than the old one.



May 2014: A few updates for the summer.

I've made a few changes since I posted on here so thought I'd post an update.

Gone is the FSA chainset for a much sleeker looking Shimano 6600, I've added some 105 pedals and changed the shifters to 105 too (now a 10 speed drive train).

Mudguards are off for the moment and I swap in some nice summer wheels for the weekends. The Excellights get used for commuting duties.

I did my first TT at bexley last week and managed a 26:22 which I don't think is too shabby.


June 2013: Finally had some time to give her a good clean and the light was nice so thought I'd get the camera out too.

I bought the bike as my first 'proper' road bike about a year ago. I needed something with full length mudguards and rack mounts and wanted steel. I looked at Planet X Kaffenback, Condor Fratello, Hewitt Chiltern amoungst others, but found this as a cheaper alternative.

I've since changed a few bits, mainly stuff from my parts box and cheap bits like saddle and rear derauilleur from ebay. The most significant change is the wheels which are Ambrosio Excellight on Shimano 105 hubs - special offer from Planet X. The tyres are Challenge Open Forte which are lovely, much nicer than the Michelin Pro 3s they replaced.

Hope you like.






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