100 miles done thanks to NapD and Soni for inspiration

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Just completed my first 100 mile ride yesterday.

Took up cycling 3 years ago weighing in at 19 1/2 stone, and have lurked around this forum and posted occasionally since then.

Having read NapD's blog I was inspired to try and get myself fit and lose some weight. By the end of last year I had made some progress on the fitness front have completed a couple of 60 mile Sportives last year, but when I weighed myself in January I was a little shocked when the scales showed 17 stone 6 lbs. thought I was at least a stone less.

This was where Soni's infamous Raisins thread finally made the penny drop. You can't out exercise a crap diet, so I decided to go on a strict diet whilst keeping the training going.

4 1/2 months later I now weigh 13 1/2 stone and completed the Norwich 100 Sportive in 5 hours 48 minutes yesterday (moving time from my Garmin). This was beyond my wildest dreams in January.

Thanks for the inspiration guys! : : :D


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    Nice one mate! :)
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    Result,congrats on the weight loss and the 100 miler,both superb.chapeau.
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  • fat_cat
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    Thanks fellas much appreciated!
  • Well done 'not so' Fat Cat :)
    A very respectable time 8)
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  • chrisaonabike
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    Very well done - really great that some good came out of the Raisins thread, thanks for posting.

    Good time too - a lot better than I'm expecting from my RL100 in August.
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    Well done on both weight loss and the ton.

    "Posted occasionally" - once a quarter I make it!!
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    Fat Cat wrote:
    This was where Soni's infamous Raisins thread finally made the penny drop.
    Where is this 'Raisins' thread? I have searched but cannot find it!

    Well done on the century and the weight loss by the way!
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  • Churchill123
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    Good effort mate! - I've got man flu so i couldn't do the Norwich 100 but i know a few lads who did and they all seemed to enjoy it..

    Was it a well run/ organised event?
  • fat_cat
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    FD It seems the raisins thread has been deleted.

    Churchill - Ride was well run, and very enjoyable, and a little lumpier than I expected, although you would call it no more than rolling, it was certainly not pan flat. Would definitely do it again. Only problem was last couple of miles getting back into Norwich through the traffic on a Saturday.
  • SoSimple
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    Really inspirational post and congratulations on all fronts!

    Should be really pleased with a sub 6 hour 100 miler
  • zardoz
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    Well done on weight loss and 100 time.
  • TheSmithers
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    One word...Wow! What a transformation! Thoroughly well done dude! And a very respectable time indeed for your first century! :D

    Maybe the NHS should prescribe cycling as a way of tackling the UK's obesity problems. I reckon it would be a huge inspiration and motivator for people suffering with obesity to read stories like this.