Pro-Tour Rider or Wannabe?

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Near Swanwick in Hampshire - I think it was either the 20th or 21st May, I was out around 0730hrs in the car and had trouble keeping up with a rider in FULL BMC kit, riding a BMC Team Machine. It was a 30 limit and he was around this speed on rolling bumps.

Anyone know of any BMC riders who may train around here? He was obviously a very capable rider, but I'm confused as to whether he was a BMC rider, or just an avid fan.


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    Either way, if he was riding as you say then he must be pretty handy on a bike.
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    I live in swanwick, so can i claim it was me?
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  • Adam Blythe? Steve Cummings?

    Both Northerners though I think.
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    I think they were both quite busy racing the tour of Italy in May ?
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    Had trouble keeping up in the car? What you only got 2 gears on it?
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    goonz wrote:
    Had trouble keeping up in the car? What you only got 2 gears on it?

    Come on guys, work it out...

    Cyclist can maintain speed by going in between the speed bumps, whereas in a car, I don't know about you, but I personally wouldn't want to be hitting speed bumps at 30.