ridewithgps.com AARRGGHH!!! :x

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I persistently seem to have problems accessing their website and I've nearly got to the point of throwing my laptop out the window! I've spent the past half an hour putting a 90 mile route together for today and I've no idea if it managed to save it or not. I've not been able to access my profile page, or the main site in any way shape or form since! :x

As it is, I won't be able to do this ride now, as I have to be somewhere later and have spent too much time faffing with this b0llocks!

Anyone else have this with ridewithgps.com or is it just me?


  • smoggysteve
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    Garmin did something similar to me a few weeks ago. Spent ages planning a route, went to save it and get a site is temporarily under maintenance message. Clicked back and route was gone. Ffffffuuuuuu.......
  • t4tomo
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    It went a bit funny on me on Friday but I closed the browser and logged back in and it was all fine, and my half planned route was still there!
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  • handful
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    I couldn't log on this morning to write my route before going out, this was the first time I've had trouble though, normally a very impressive site.
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  • Gizmodo
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    Nope, I've used it for 18 months now and never had a problem with it. Sorry.
  • MountainMonster
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    You could try mapmyride.com, I've yet to have problems with it.
  • southdownswolf
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    No problems for me over the last year or so, but didn't try accessing this weekend so might be a temporary website problem.
    Planned my whole JOGLE on it, as well as training rides, without any problems with the site. As my Mrs would say, I spent far more hours planning and changing routes on RWG than I did training for the JOGLE :shock:
  • drlodge
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    My fav for plotting out routes is http://www.bikeroutetoaster.com/Course.aspx
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  • TheSmithers
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    Cheers for the suggestions! I may give MapMyRide a go. Seems like a well established and well put together site.

    As for ridewithgps.com, it must be my home internet connection, as no one else seems to have any issues, and indeed it works on my work PC! At home, it's 50/50 whether the page loads or not. If the latter, it will sit there for a good minute before the browser throws a wobbly and gives me the option of loading the last cached version, which also doesn't work. When trying to save this course yesterday, the whole site just stopped working. Anything I clicked on returned a http 500 error.