Bowland Badass Training - with pic's

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Anyone else doing it?

Set out on an early morning plod with a friend as part of our prep for the Badass, a lovely day, a little breezy in places, but the sun was out :D Ride can be found here:

Set off early to avoid the traffic and headed out towards Lorton, beautiful views over towards Buttermere way:


Stopped for the obligatory coffee in Caldbeck:


Headed up towards Great Dunn Fell, a real must if you are ever in the area, highest paved road in the UK, this is Paul reaching the summit:


The climb started at 75 miles in to the ride, me at the top:


From there it is a swift drop down and then headed out to climb Kirstone Pass and through to Great Langdale, where the views just got better:


A nasty climb out of Great Langdale and then it's only Rhino's and Hardknott left to do, this Paul reaching the top of the Great Langdale climb, about 145 miles in:


Hope everyone else had a good day out.
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  • mrbrightside
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    Amazing photo's and terrain I could only dream of.
  • VTech
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    A 2700ft climb AFTER 75m ride, I couldn't imaging that !
    Amazing scenery, looks truly beautiful.
    Living MY dream.
  • elderone
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    cracking ride and stunning pics.Our green and pleasent land for sure.
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