I expect lots of Haribo

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I am surprised that Wiggle use UKmail in the light of that company's very poor customer service rating.
Needless to say UKMail missed a next day delivery deadline for Wiggle.
It is with Wiggle at mo to sort out.
I did get a text from UKMail stating problem.. ring at my expense .. ? A depot 50 miles away..? if you actually answered the phone anyhow.. not
so not my problem, sunshine... you sort it , I've paid for a service.
Lots and lots of Haribo, please Wiggle, the best sort of course... Goldbears , I think


  • smoggysteve
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    Nah, got to be Tangfastic. Sour cherry's mmmmm
  • Anonymous
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    +1 for Tangfastics

    Only Balla Balla are better and they are probably not available in little bags :(
  • ricky1980
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    cola bottles and eggs!
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    Just spent £££ on some new wheels and didn't get any haribo! :(
  • Dezza
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    New crankset - no haribo

    hard times....
  • tlw1
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    I have stopped using them because of the lack of Haribo :)
  • englander
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    I've got Haribo in about my last 10 consecutive orders (keep order clothes to try and inevitably send back. I'm only doing it for the free Haribo though of course). 2 more packs this morning :D
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  • markhewitt1978
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    I order from either Evans or Wiggle. If Wiggle is the same price I usually order there as I do like my sweeties.
  • chris_bass
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    I had a delivery from wiggle yesterday, some new handlebars, stem and a few other bits and pieces and they just left it outside my front door!! it was a pretty big parcel so i'm surprised it hadnt been knicked!

    a week or so ago they did the same, left a parcel outside and it was chucking it down all day, luckily nothing that would be water damaged but the delivery person can't have known that!

    it is making me think twice about using them again. but then the haribo does make it more tempting!
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    Someone should start up a "not crap" delivery company. Which charges double the normal rates but gives the assurance of not being crap. Proper deliveries, on time, no silly leaving it outside your door. Business which use them would benefit from offering the "not crap" service.
  • verylonglegs
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    As long as the new service also made efforts to avoid employing thieves, something I find Parcelforce overlook.
  • Ordered a helmet from Wiggle with next day delivery. Took three days, UKMail (after an hour on hold) blamed Wiggle, Wiggle blamed UKMail. Still a packet of Haribo, delivery refund and a £10 voucher for the hassle, so can't complain :)
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    On the order form there is a little box that appears where you can request for your items to be sent via royal mail
  • markhewitt1978
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    On the order form there is a little box that appears where you can request for your items to be sent via royal mail

    Really? I've never noticed that before? At least with Royal Mail I know it will go to the post office (3 minutes walk from home) instead of some depot 100 miles away.
  • steve6690
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    I use CRC now. Free delivery, and it always comes the next day by Royal Mail. Having recently paid Wiggle an extra £2.99 for "Special Priority" delivery I discovered it took them 48 hours to get it to their local post office. Royal Mail then managed to get it to me the next morning. Not the first order Wiggle have cocked up, but CRC have been faultless so far.
  • goonz
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    Never had an issue with Wiggle. Brake cables ordered sunday arrived today.

    Got haribos (went to the girls at work) and a box full of Hi5 goodies. Spent £12 and got another £4-5 worth!

    Happy days.
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  • chris_bass
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    I just want to point out that up until those two incidents i'd had no trouble with Wiggle and have nothing against them other than the fact that they take far too great a proportion of my wages!!
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  • craigr
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    Ordered about 50 pounds worth of cleaning material for the bike and nothing. No Haribo. :(

    Had to buy a packet in the local Sainsbury instead. :)
  • banana pilot
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    I somehow posted in the wrong thread, so reposted here:

    Just my 2p worth.

    I live about 3 miles from the Wiggle buildings, they are on my commute to work and I pass them every day. Frustration isn't the word when I order something, then wait for 4 days watching the tracking online while it gets collected and then transported to a depot in London before being returned to me.

    A pre-order and collect service like Argos would be awesome.
  • jgsi
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    Have had the delivery fee refunded to my Paypal.... of course that's on temporary hold, but thats another thread!