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I am just posting to introduce myself and to thank all the regular contributors who i have been avidly reading for the last month for advice and information.

I am a very overweight ex rugby prop returning to riding a bike after 30 years and finally bit the bullet and took delivery 8 days ago.

My rides since then have left me knackered, half a stone lighter but with a fixed grin on my face! :D

Day 1 12 miles to get used to the bike and gears on flat industrial estate!
Day 2 04 miles as my rear was in an awful state! :? (rush to buy padded shorts and lots of)
Day 3 13.5 miles Flattish but the padding worked! :roll:
Day 6 07 mile dash (well for me it was a dash) nice quick work out though
Day 8 24 miles with a good bit of up and down, Took forever but it is a milestone

I have booked the Greater Manchester 26 and the London to Brighton Moonriders malarkey to give myself some targets, but what i would add is this cycling lark is rather addictive and has the potential to be very good for weight loss and general health unless you get run over! :shock:

Thanks Mick


  • Hello Mick your story is similar to mine except I was a full back. I am awaiting delivery of my new bike a Claud Butler Roubaix machine. I look forward to reading your experiences and I hope to learn from them. Happy cycling. Mark
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    awesome! 24 miles is some milestone, should be very chuffed with your progress
  • Cheers for the replies,

    Have taken delivery of padded mitts this AM as numb hands was an unforseen problem,

    I will have that much padding i will still look like the Michillin Man even if i loose the ballast! :wink: