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Just back from a reccie ride around Leith Hill and Box Hill area in preparation for London 100. I've seen that the whole 100 miles has a total of 1700m climbing. My Garmin tells me that today I did a total ascent of 3028ft.

My question is how does todays ride compare with the overall ride London 100, or how I can I work it out? Any help appreciated.




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    Try this thread.
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    There are roughly 3 1/3 feet per metre. So the 1, 700 metres climbing on the day is roughly 6, 000 feet. Your 3, 000 feet is roughly half as much climbing but it all depends how far you rode. Also depends if the climbing was spread across the route or not.
    I personally enjoy some big hills on my doorstep but find continually undulating routes more fatiguing than big climbs even though total ascent is often less for a given distance.
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    Ok great, thanks for that. Total ride length was only 32miles, so to do half the amount is not bad. I know what you mean by the undulations, they can be a real pain, the big hills last for 7/8mins but the small ones just keep coming! :x
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    Did you have 'elevation correction' enabled when you looked at your ride on Garmin Connect?

    In theory, the amount of climbing should be more accurate when you do, since with the correction enabled, it allegedly uses 'elevation data acquired from professional surveys', rather than 'elevation data from my device'.

    For example, this morning I did this ride.

    Strava and Garmin Connect (correction off) agree quite well on the amount of climbing (3750 and 3753 feet respectively), but if I switch correction on, on GC, it says 4290 feet (about 1300m), which is a huge difference.

    I'm going with the 4290 :)
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    the strava elevation correction thingy tends top give me more climbing on flat routes and less on hilly ...
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    Outside the US the data isn't very accurate though. In the US its accurate between 3-10m. Outside the US its 30-90m. Although the Garmin internal barometric altimeter can vary due to weather, but its likely to be more accurate. Also take the total height for the London 100 with a pinch of salt too
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